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MPF membership has just two levels - 'Network' and 'Insight'. Membership, which is individual, renews on 1 July with a sliding scale of dues applying in the first year.
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MPF introduced its Awards in 2002 to recognise the contribution of specific management disciplines. Awards fall under four priorities for management as perceived by clients: leadership and business strategy; supporting people; commerciality and client service; collaboration across the firm and with external stakeholders. Any professional firm or network, large or small, is eligible to enter the Awards.
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2015 Awards launched

The Awards are now open for submissions until 28 November - ensure your management team is recognised publicly for its key contribution to the client experience.
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Thought Leadership Summit 2014

The inaugural Thought Leadership Summit, including the awarding of the first Laurie Young global prize for thought leadership, took place on 14 July in London. more on the event…

Free report into management attitudes towards digital and social tech

MPF, PM Forum and Elephant Creative organised a major survey in June into management attitudes towards digital and social technologies. The resulting report fills a major gap in sector knowledge.
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Roughly one third of Fortune magazine’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For say that they intentionally practice servant leadership - doing everything you can to improve the lives of those around you...

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The pilot programme in London has confirmed that our members consider one of the most important benefits of MPF membership to be the opportunity to participate in Peer Groups due to the high value of the confidential insights, experiences and strategies shared.
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One of the MPF’s primary roles is the representation of management professionals at firms and the wider sector to government.

Since July 2011 the MPF is delighted to have been supporting a UK government advisory board, ‘Professional & Business Services Group’, that seeks input from the professions on improving the competitiveness of the UK.
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