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Strategy Group

20 June
The new science of influencing and decision-making

Marketing Group

21 June
Marketing and Strategy: gaining a place at the table!

Human Resources Group

22 June
HR Director as Leader: resilience in the face of change

Firmwide Leaders Group

28 June
Reputation Management – failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Invites are sent out approximately six weeks before each event. All events take place in London unless otherwise stated


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Demonstrate and celebrate your contribution to the success of your business through our annual Management Excellence Awards.
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The MPF has formed Groups based on specialist contribution to the leadership or management of a professional firm. Some events and hubs are restricted to Group members; others are open to any member of the MPF. Events are also organised that bring together all the members of the management team, known as 'Management Team Together' (MTT) sessions.


Each Group and Club has a private Hub that provides: directory of members; sector news; discussion forum; content library; event calendar and private messaging.
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Harness peer wisdom through sharing common challenges at meetings with the same small group, assisted by an expert moderator. Involves supplementary dues.
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Getting close to clients

The Consultancy Procurement Council (CPC), a formal network of some 40 senior procurement professionals at blue chips (BP, Barclays, GlaxoSmithKlein etc), has appointed the MPF and Constellia as its knowledge partners & forum organisers. CPC members collectively manage annual global expenditure in excess of £20bn on external consultancy and other professional services. All are looking for ways to build relationships with strategic suppliers who can deliver better value. Sponsorship and speaking opportunities are available.
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Sector trends and priorities

Our survey into sector trends and priorities, conducted in January 2017 jointly with the Professional & Business Services Council, showed levels of activity to be near normal. The key priority for investment in the coming year is technology, followed by training for larger firms and marketing for SMEs. Download the report

Struggling with strategy

Firms are focused on developing strategies for clients yet neglecting their own strategic considerations, according to joint research conducted in March 2017 by the MPF and FTI Consulting. Download the report

2017 Awards – winners celebrate!

The winners of the 15th Annual MPF Awards were announced at a gala dinner and ceremony on 8 March.
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New MPF chair

Neville Eisenberg, senior partner of law firm BLP, is the new chair of the MPF Advisory Board. Commented Neville: “Professional & business services is the UK’s largest and arguably most successful sector. It is a great honour to chair a Forum that has long been recognised as the independent voice of the sector.
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The MPF welcomes individual and team memberships:

  • Individuals enhance their ability to survive and thrive as leaders in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape.
  • Team membership facilitates collaboration between peers with distinct mindsets, and learning through exploring blind spots.

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Refresh your firm's strategy by reading the stories that help clarify and shape the strategies of sector firms.

Purpose, not profit, is business leaders’ key to success amid turbulent global economy
66% say they are profoundly rethinking their organizations’ purpose as a result of disruption Only 15% say that their company’s main purpose is to maximize shareholder value A majority (73%) of business leader respondents believe in the value of a strong corporate purpose, and only a minority (15%)...
22 Jun 2017

GT's Romanovitch gets 88% employee endorsement
Grant Thornton employees vote chief executive into 2017 top 50 highest rated CEOs in the UK
22 Jun 2017

BLP, Baker McKenzie and Pinsents rated as best law firms for social mobility in new ranking
First Social Mobility Employer Index cites 16 law firms as top performers
22 Jun 2017

AI can increase corporate profitability by average of 38% by 2035
Businesses that successfully apply artificial intelligence (AI) could increase profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035, according to Accenture. The introduction of AI could lead to an economic boost of US$14 trillion in additional gross value added (GVA) across 16 industries in 12...
22 Jun 2017

KPMG second in new list of Top 50 employers for social mobility
Following KPMG’s strong performance in the inaugural ranking of UK’s top-performing businesses for social mobility, Melanie Richards, Vice Chair of KPMG in the UK, calls social mobility the critical social issue of our time. Melanie Richards siad: Social mobility is no longer just a matter of...
22 Jun 2017

Former KWM Europe partners face tax burden after bank rejections hold up process
Former managing partner Tim Bednall apologises to partners for delay in tax arrangements
22 Jun 2017

Clearing the path for tomorrow’s female engineers
Helen Jackson, senior consultant for Ove Arup and Partners Limited, reflects on some of the hurdles she’s faced in her engineering career, and what can be done to remove them for the next generation. Whenever I see the statistics about the proportion of women in UK engineering I am no longer...
22 Jun 2017

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Change is most likely to take place when those holding diverse perspectives come face-to-face on a regular basis. Each MPF campaign therefore has a Club at its heart.


Be part of a strong independent voice on matters affecting our sector and wider national debates through contributing to joint surveys with Government, attending local Club meetings and raising issues directly with Government through a secure private Hub. more on GLO Club…


Increase your awareness of business issues and alternative solutions by searching our Library of original content – event reports, survey reports and over 500 Board Briefings.
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