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Mutual dependence between a firm and its people

We all have our own values, beliefs, assumptions and mental models. They allow you to move through different levels or stages of development. People cannot skip levels; you can only move up one at a time, and it usually takes years. In a challenging situation, you may regress by thinking, speaking and behaving as though you were still at a lower level.

Firms are complex dynamic adaptive systems, so ensuring that there is mutual dependency between a firm and its people is paramount:

  • Firm culture (values, norms, assumptions, leadership style and so on) is heavily influenced by the behaviours of the individuals at the firm, and the level of development at which most of them are anchored.
  • Culture in turn influences the design of systems and structures, and impacts individual and group performance, and commercial success.
  • When employees interact, they influence each other, resulting in new forms of culture and innovation.

The Performance Club, built on the extensive MPF membership base, lies at the heart of the campaign to encourage leaders to ensure that there is mutual dependency between the firm and its people.

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