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About the Forum

As we all adapt to a world turned upside down by populist upheaval, the Forum is proud to remain The Home of the Well-Managed Firm™ and the independent voice of the UK’s largest sector – professional services.

Be the best you can

Planning for the future seems as important and challenging as ever. Driven by an ongoing search for value and efficiency, and a growing stream of new technologies that automate traditionally manual work, firms are fundamentally re-evaluating their processes and business models. There is little doubt that this will have a profound impact on the professions in coming years.

Busy leaders and managers do not always have sufficient tools or time to redesign their firms. That is where the Forum can be such a valuable partner. However you and your firm engage with us, our services create value by helping you be the best you can at improving the productivity and profitability of your firm and its clients, and at preparing for an uncertain future.

Engage with the Forum

A seamless platform with relevant ideas and a place to share issues and solutions help you increase your knowledge and broaden your options through learning how others are tackling the multiple challenges that we all face. Some services are just for Forum members; many are free.


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Hear from great presenters and engage with peers on topics that matter to you and your firm. Over 50 member-only meetings annually in London. Why not request a free guest pass? 

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GLO Club

Government Liaison Officers from organisations in every sector across the UK meet online and face-to-face at the GLO Club to exchange ideas with Government. Free for non-PSF GLOs.

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Sector News

Refresh your firm's strategy by reading the stories that help clarify and shape the strategies of sector firms, curated daily and delivered in personalised Bulletins. Free for anyone anywhere.

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Member-only quarterly Summits bring together world-class business thinkers, leaders and topic experts to explore an important issue in depth, usually informed by an original survey.

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Management Library

Increase your awareness of business issues and alternative solutions by accessing our original content across multiple channels. Free for Forum members or on subscription to others.

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Obtain an independent assessment of your contribution and provide collateral for client pitches through our annual Management Excellence Awards. Open to all firms anywhere.

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Group Hubs

Engage with peers and consult experts on the issues that matter to you and your firm. Anyone in a relevant role at any organisation worldwide can join one or more Group hubs at no cost.

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Group hubs are restricted to in-house specialists from every sector. External consultants who are willing to give guidance on issues raised can also participate. No cost involved.

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Productivity Pledge

Commit publicly to sharing your unsung leadership & management expertise with clients to increase their employee engagement, thereby boosting UK productivity. Request the free logo!

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Research Panels

Shape Forum surveys through joining one or more of our online Research panels: sector trends; Government surveys; general surveys; and women in leadership. No cost involved.

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Be part of a strong independent voice on topics such as philanthropy, productivity, the sector's contribution to the UK and women in leadership. Volunteers, ambassadors and donations welcome!

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Share perspectives with and learn from those in different professions and areas of expertise. Many services are free... 

Register for Forum services


Individuals enhance their ability to survive and thrive as leaders in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape. Each member can nominate up to three suitably senior event alternates from their own area of expertise.

Peer learning groups share common issues with the same small group, assisted by an expert moderator. No alternates permitted.

Team membership facilitates collaboration between peers with distinct mindsets, and learning through exploring blind spots and covers up to six people from the same firm based worldwide.

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Individual membership


Joining fee: £200
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Supplement for a peer learning group


No joining fee
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Joining fee: £500

To discover more about how membership can benefit you and your firm, and for teams of more than six people, email Ria Lakhani or call her on 020 7786 9786.


Terms & conditions

  • The membership year commences on 1 July. Dues for those joining during the year reduce by £100 for each elapsed month. A joining fee applies. All rates are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

  • The first alternate is free. Dues are uplifted by 20% for members with more than one event alternate. Event alternates cannot book directly for Summits, Group events or GLO Club meetings. The Forum reserves the right to reject an event alternate.

  • Those based outside the UK are entitled to a 50% discount on Forum dues.

  • Non-members who wish to subscribe to the Management Library are charged at a rate equivalent to 50% of individual membership dues with no joining fee.