Best collaboration across international frontiers

For the management team that recognises that operating internationally poses cultural as well as communication challenges.


From left: Michael Watkins, Berrie Timmermans, Benoit Despierre, Ausra Razanauskiene, Stephan Bohr, Joost Janssen (PwC) and Mike Littlewood (Royal Bank of Scotland)


The judges were impressed by PwC’s continuing development and expansion of their PULSE knowledge management platform to optimise cross-border collaboration between practice groups, project and leadership teams. The system’s accessibility, aggregated news sources and integration of existing social media appear to have resulted in improved international communication and knowledge transfer. This enables delivery of a more consistent PwC service and client experience across the EMEA region. The voluntary adoption of PULSE by around 40 EMEIA countries since its launch in 2007 points to its perceived added value across the region.

Winner's quote: "PwC is honoured to be the recipient of the 2013 MPF award in the category of best collaboration across international frontiers. The recognition of our successful and continuing adoption of the Pulse knowledge management platform strengthens our commitment to deliver value to our people and to our clients".

Aušra Ražanauskiené, Pulse Product Manager, PwC



Magnusson demonstrated that their Baltic Sea Region strategy encompassed both the hard and soft factors of successful collaboration across borders. In addition to introducing innovative pan-regional fee solutions and a client account programme, they also recognised the value of a diverse, multi-lingual and mobile professional body and Management Board and the psychological and practical advantage of giving all offices in the region equal status. This strategy appears to have resulted in a workforce with a truly international mind-set, supported by systems and procedures that together enable consistent annual growth in income and performance.