Carbon Footprint

MPF Carbon Footprint Report 2008

Climate change is the single biggest environmental challenge that we face. Whatever your personal views on sustainability, we in professional services occupy a privileged place within the business community and people look to us for a lead. The MPF Sustainability committee encourages leaders, partners and employees at professional firms worldwide to follow the example of a pioneering group of leaders, based mostly in the UK and Australia, which has had the foresight to truly embrace the sustainability agenda.

MPF Carbon Footprint Graph 2008
CO2 tonnes pa per head by type of client base

The MPF Carbon Footprint Campaign recognises and supports the excellent work being done in the UK legal sector by the Legal Sector Alliance in this important part of the professional service firm universe.

Read more in The MPF Carbon Footprint report 2008  | Press Release

Carbon Footprint
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Carbon Footprint

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