Leadership Selection


Effective leadership is critical to the success of the modern professional firm; without it firms will be left behind in the period of consolidation that is taking place. Yet fee earners continue to insist that their leaders must be qualified and elected by the partnership. This raises an interesting challenge. If trainees join the profession primarily to serve clients, how should suitable candidates for leadership positions be identified, developed, elected and rewarded? The MPF urges greater transparency and less politics when selecting leaders, and formal compensation for those with leadership roles.
The campaign includes:

  • A survey of the leaders of the UK's Top 100 law and Top 50 accountancy firms in April 2006 to ascertain the degree of consistency at each stage of the selection process for managing partners, senior partners and heads of business units
  • A report of the key findings of the survey
  • An article in Legal Business magazine on the findings of the survey
  • A pilot study with consultants Hunter Kane to determine if leaders have distinct physiological, emotional and cognitive traits

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