Management Talent

Global 500 Annual Report cover

As partners increasingly demand that their firm is well-managed, shortages of experts in finance, marketing, HR, operations etc are emerging. The campaign encourages management experts from other sectors to see the professions as a smart career move.

The centrepiece of the campaign was the MPF Global 500 Annual Report 2007, a "prospectus" for the professions, including fees and headcount data from the top 500 firms, leader profiles, and articles on how the professions are invaluable to CSR and the smooth functioning of the worldÅås economic, legal and political systems. Graduates regularly cite professional firms as their preferred employers but there is still a massive media vacuum surrounding the professions.

The 2007 Annual Report was produced as a free 20 page magazine in two parts:

  • A listing of the world's largest 500 professional firms with their revenues of $535bn and employing 3.7 million people;
  • Articles to examine the professions' vital contribution to the world; profile the leaders of innovative firms; show the profession's extensive involvement in CSR activities and how management experts are gaining respect.

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