Welcome to the MPF COO Group

Helping Group members be the best they can in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape

The MPF COO Group provides a formal network for those tasked to implement their firm’s strategy. The Committee organises quarterly events for up to 20 people and a private Hub that:

  • Encourage learning through an exchange of ideas and best practice on collaboration across the management team
  • Clarify how members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their firms
  • Explore ways to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the firm-wide leader
  • Facilitate debate amongst those holding diverse perspectives
  • Provide generalists with insight into the value contributed by management experts


Director: Anne Harnetty, MD, Jonson Beaumont

Rod Harrington, Chief Operating Officer, Norton Rose Fulbright

John Rockel, Partner, Group Head Strategy and Risk, Knight Frank

Julia Sherlock, Chief Operating Officer – EMEA, FTI Consulting


  • We are dedicated to the issues that make a real difference for our members – other networks include frontline partners or COOs from other sectors with distinct challenges
  • We provide an inclusive forum – other networks exclude those without MBAs or similar management qualifications
  • COOs come from all walks of life. There is a lack of understanding amongst front line partners and the wider community about the challenges faced by those in these senior roles


Takeovers & mergers: Lessons learned
Management Team Together

Speakers - Jenni Emery (CMS), Peter Madden (Arcadis), Jeremy Horner

Lewis Silkin, 5 Chancery Lane, Clifford's Inn, London, EC4A 1BL

Thursday 5 October 2017 - postponed

The challenges of leading a successful merger or takeover are varied and extensive. Leadership at all stages is paramount, from conception to integrating strategy and objectives all while leading a firm of people.

Each individual element of the firm faces its own specific challenges – from partners and fee earners to business services departments. A well-planned and executed integration ensures minimal disruption, underpinned with strong communication to both your people and your clients – current and future.


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  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Those with equivalent job titles to COO (for example Director of Administration)
  • Firmwide leaders
  • Client-facing leaders & Office heads
  • Approved members of other Groups
  • Approved members of Clubs

Membership details


Anne Harnetty
Anne Harnetty,
Jonson Beaumont
Rod Harrington Rod Harrington,
Norton Rose Fulbright
John Rockel John Rockel,
Knight Frank
Julia Sherlock Julia Sherlock,
FTI Consulting

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  • Career planning for senior partners and executives
  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Do you have a plan to execute your strategy?
  • Fighting price pressures
  • Leading digital – transforming your organisation
  • Who is looking after the COO?