Welcome to the MPF COO Group

MPF COO Group brings together COOs plus those with an equivalent job titles in the leadership and management team at professional services firms.

It is our observation that the responsibilities and remit of those with the title Chief Operating Officer role can vary tremendously - firm to firm - but in common we all share the leadership challenge of delivering the business strategy.

Firms that have appointed a COO role typically have a lot of complexity particularly in the way the core dimensions of the business interconnect (Service / Product Line, Geography, Client Sector, and Support function). To be effective as a COO the role demands a number of key elements:

  • Understanding where the weaknesses exist in the interconnections and how to best correct them plus where the opportunities are and how best to exploit them.
  • Tremendous powers of first insight and then persuasion because often direct authority is limited.
  • Enjoying a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the MP / MD / CEO
  • Commanding enough knowledge of the very many areas of specialism within the business to judge the credibility and feasibility of the proposals presented.

The objectives of the COO Group therefore include:

  • Exchanging ideas and insights on collaboration amongst the management team
  • Exploring best practice and providing ammunition through surveys of management team members
  • Enhancing the contribution of COOs to strategic discussions
  • Providing generalists with leading edge insight from other management specialists
  • Linking members through a formal network across the professional sector

Roundtable meetings

Sessions are free of charge for MPF and Group members. We create a high value knowledge exchange where participants can tap into rich case studies and practical experience to supplement raw data and insights. All discussion under 'Chatham House Rules'.

Our programme is brought together with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Provide a confidential but open forum for discussion and exchange on the specific challenges and developments impacting the role of the COO and their ability to deliver business strategy
  2. Illuminate for the benefit of us (the generalists) the new ideas, trends and developments emerging in the areas of specialism with which we both engage and often oversee (Marketing, IT, HR, Risk etc). COOs will be able to benchmark their own firm’s responses and determine whether further prodding or explanation is needed.

By working together with peers, participants learn new ideas and approaches, some of which can be immediately implemented or used to prompt debate at your own firm.

As a membership organisation, events are member only. However, those interested in joining are welcome to attend one event as our guest in order to get a feel for the Group.

MTT (Management Team Together) sessions

Given the challenges of allocating general topics to specialist areas of expertise, MPF now allows all members of the management team (CEO, Finance, HR, Marketing, etc) to come together on a bi-monthly basis at an MPF general event in London.


Values into action
Management Team Together event

FieldFisher, Riverbank House, 2 Swan Lane, London, EC4R 3TT

Wednesday 15 April 2015

For many professional services firms the challenge of defining their values has become one of their most pressing commercial challenges. A firm’s values - its principles and beliefs, literally the things that are most 'valued' - shape its culture, define its strategic direction and drive the behaviour of its people. Yet, as much as firms strive to articulate their values, the results are often little more than glib marketing statements, lacking authenticity or meaning for the business and its people.

Drawing on complementary perspectives in the articulation of values, this session explores the commercial importance of values in today’s highly competitive professional service marketplace.

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Director: Anne Harnetty is the MD of Jonson Beaumont a Search & Selection firm, which she established 6 years ago and which specialises in “C” suite level recruitment in the professional services arena. Anne has 25 years’ experience recruiting within the legal sector and she and her team work with law firm boards in an advisory capacity because of their acknowledged depth of experience. This helps them to both advise and challenge thinking to ensure the right senior recruitment solution is found. Prior to establishing Jonson Beaumont she has twice worked as a Recruitment Director in both a boutique London firm and a Management Consultancy.

John Rockel is Partner, Group Strategy and Operations at Knight Frank. This role works closely with the Group Executive Board to develop the group strategy and strategic plans for the UK and overseas divisions of the firm, assess new opportunities for the firm and oversee a number of operational areas. Knight Frank is the largest independent global property consultancy with 335 offices in 52 countries. Knight Frank offers a full range of services in both residential and commercial property. The UK business consists of 1,800 staff and the global network has 12,000 staff. Having started his career in accountancy in Australia, John completed an MBA in the UK to further his career in strategic management and operations. His career has spanned a number of sectors including; manufacturing, mining, banking and property. John has been with Knight Frank for 10 years.


Membership renews on 1 July with pro rata rates in the first year. If interested, please complete the registration form.

MP/CEO level members of the MPF can join at no extra charge. Management team memberships available on request. Contact paul@pmint.co.uk


Anne Harnetty
Anne Harnetty,
Jonson Beaumont
John Rockel John Rockel,
Knight Frank


Wednesday 15 April 2015
Values into action – MTT event


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