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Finance & Operations Group

The Group provides a formal network for those with responsibility for all financial aspects of their firm’s strategy.

A private hub free for any senior finance or operations expert at any organisation worldwide.

Quarterly roundtables for up to 20 members help members share challenges and solutions.

Additional Management team events bringing together members of all Forum Groups.

Clarify how members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their firms.

Explore ways to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the firmwide leader and other C-Suite members.

Dedicated to the issues that make a real difference - other networks focus on technical capability.

An inclusive forum - other networks exclude those without an accountancy qualification.



The free private hub allows finance and operations leaders from professional firms and every other sector of the economy to view and send private messages to each other, raise and comment on issues, consult experts, catch up with sector news, and access useful content. Once signed up, hover over your name in the top menu bar and then select 'Forum Hubs'.



Core purpose and you, how it makes a difference

Thursday 10 May 2018

'Helping You Succeed' - three simple words, behind which a two year project existed to ensure engagement and embed across the leadership team, partners, and throughout BDO's UK offices 

In this session, we examine the factors that made the new core purpose resonate at national firm level, and for individuals, and how partnering with a specialist consultant supported this successful, and meaningful change.

The Productivity Summit

Monday 04 June 2018

The Summit will explore the productivity puzzle from three perspectives:

  • Rethinking the productivity issues facing the UK and developing new insights that challenge conventional views.
  • Providing the inspiration, advice, tools and resources for businesses to get started on improving their own performance.
  • Helping professional firm leaders share their employee engagement and related expertise with clients, thereby boosting UK productivity.