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Firmwide Leaders Group

The Group aims to help members attain greater clarity over priorities, new capabilities and skills, insights and practical tips, as well as making new contacts and building relationships.

Monthly roundtables of up to 20 Forum members with no attendance fees.

Guest presentations are followed by an open discussion conducted under Chatham House rules.

Free books for each attendee when a presenter has recently written on the topic.

Extra meetings, possibly at short notice, are arranged when Harvard Business Review authors are in town.

Moderated by specialist coach Richard Thorby assisted by Forum founder Richard Chaplin.

A private hub free for any firmwide leader at any organisation worldwide – more…



Improve your business processes through collaborative design

Tuesday 22 January 2019

The Forum has partnered with the business schools of Sheffield, Lancaster and Manchester universities; The University of the Arts London; and specialist futures consultancy Normann Partners for an 18 month £1m Government-funded project, starting in January 2019, to help mid-sized law and accountancy firms adopt AI and ML through collaborative design.

Please join your peers for a fascinating session to explore the relevance of design thinking to our sector - as well as help shape the project. 

The Leadership Summit

Monday 28 January 2019

This summit promises rich and diverse insights into the practical approaches available to professional firm leaders to address their priroties, including:

  • The nature of professionals; why it is difficult to lead them
  • The producing manager dynamic
  • The service profit chain and how that impacts engagement leading and peers leading peers.

The keynote presentations will be followed by an expert panel discussion and audience Q&A.

The Strategy Summit

Monday 18 March 2019

more information to follow ....

The Productivity Summit

Monday 03 June 2019

more information to follow ....

The Technology Summit

Monday 11 November 2019

more information to follow ....

Authentic leadership – part two

Friday 08 February 2019

This is the second part of Gareth’s presentation on Authentic Leadership. In his first session, Gareth showed that authenticity is a necessary but insufficient condition for the exercises of leadership.  

In this session, he will focus much more pragmatically on the actions that effective leaders can take and on the characteristics of continuous leadership development.  

Career pathways for senior leaders

Tuesday 12 February 2019

While there is considerable focus on early career pathways and development of junior professionals, few sector firms are exploring ways to help a Firmwide Leader nearing the end of their term of office, but with many years before retirement, or to help a senior partner with strong client relationships prepare for leaving the firm.

Our guest presenter, Stephen Newton, will share original research and practical experiences on ways that several leaders have found solutions to these important challenges.