MPF CEO Priorities Monitor


125 leaders of professional firms of all sizes across the UK are participating in the MPF CEO Priorities Monitor in conjunction with the Professional and Business Services Group, a group of 20 leaders of sector firms chaired by Sir Michael Snyder, that raises pertinent issues with government. Our aim is to provide:

  • Firm leaders with peer-based knowledge not readily available elsewhere. As management's trusty companion, MPF wants our members to make better informed business decisions at a time of increasing uncertainty.
  • A reliable insight for employees, clients, financial institutions, think tanks, the media, civil servants and government ministers into our sector's issues, prospects and priorities. The professions are now officially recognised as having been the largest and fastest growing sector in the UK economy over the past five years.

Topics covered in the Monitor include: optimism over future prospects; growth expectations for fees, profits and headcounts; strategic priorities; and constraints on performance. This involves collecting, validating and summarising significant quantities of highly confidential data on a named basis.

Monitor April 2012

  • The good news from the latest CEO Priorities Monitor is that Q1 trading performance, investment and headcount growth were ahead of expectations, fee rates are rising, there is increased certainty that annual revenues will be higher than last year, and the big decline in CEO optimism seen in October has nearly reversed
  • The less good news is that activity levels remain below normal and are still shrinking, there is little growth in competitiveness, and firm CEOs are not spending more time with client CEOs
  • Differentiating the brand remains the CEO’s top priority, and marketing - with its focus on client relationships and brand building - is still the C Suite role that is most expected to increase in priority/importance
  • Management teams are expected to give the greatest priority to: client relationships (CMO); delivering the firm’s strategy (COO); process improvement (CIO); motivation & reward (HRD); system & processes (CKO); and profitability (FD)
  • A coherent plan for economic growth remains the top priority for government, with top tax rates and a reduction in regulation switching in priority

Download a pdf of the comprehensive slide-based report at no cost.

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