The MPF collects confidential data and conducts regular surveys amongst MPs and members of the management team based worldwide. All findings are released for free into the public domain to ensure professional firms everywhere have access to reliable facts on key management issues.


The MPF believes that knowledge and best practice should be widely shared if the effectiveness of management and leadership in the professions is to be enhanced. MPF Knowledge brings together:

  • Surveys and data used to support MPF campaigns, such as the MPF/FT survey and roadshow, looking into the effectiveness of the corporate relationship between law firms and clients.
  • Articles and reports on key management topics.
  • Surveys organised by MPF Specialist Groups of experts in finance, marketing, HR, technology and other management disciplines on issues that each discipline would like management to focus on.
  • MPF Pulse - a free service, allowing members to canvass each other on an ad hoc management issue.
  • MPF Consult - Confidential queries answered at no cost, with advice given over the phone.
  • Recommendations on books for further reading