Welcome to the MPF Firmwide Leaders Group

Helping you and your firm survive and thrive in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape

The MPF Firmwide Leaders Group provides a formal network for those with overall responsible for the leadership, strategy and management of a professional services firm. The Committee organises bi-monthly events for up to 20 people and a private Hub that:

  • Encourage learning through a moderated exchange of ideas and best practice, informed by experts and member surveys
  • Facilitate debate amongst those holding diverse perspectives
  • Clarify how members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their organisations
  • Explore ways to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with divisional leaders and C-Suite members
  • Provide members with insight into the value contributed by management experts


  • We are dedicated to the issues that make a real difference for our members – other networks include those from other sectors with distinct challenges
  • We provide an inclusive forum – other networks exclude those without a formal leadership qualification such as an MBA
  • Leaders come from all walks of life. There is a lack of understanding amongst front line partners and the wider community about the challenges faced by those in leadership roles


Tuesday 21 November

Fixing motivation, mood and morale to increase engagement and productivity with Paul Matthews, founder of People Alchemy, and author of Capability at Work: How to Solve the Performance Puzzle.

Tuesday 12 December

Are women's networks, women only leadership training, and unconscious bias programmes effective? with Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of Women on Boards.

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Fast/Forward: Make your firm fit for the future with Julian Birkinshaw, professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, director of the Deloitte Institute, and prolific author.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Hiring and retaining management experts with Tim Skipper, founder and Chief Executive of Totum, specialist recruiters of business services talent into the legal profession.

Friday 23 March 2018

Take the guesswork out of strategic partnering with Luc Bardin, chairman of Strategic Partnering, former group chief sales and marketing officer of BP, and author of Strategic Partnering.

Friday 27 April 2018

Growing and sustaining women in leadership with Kirstie Skates, consultant with Psychological Skills for Professional Services.

Friday 25 May 2018

The value of having a digital ambassador on your Board with Andrew Grill, TEDx speaker and former global managing partner of IBM Social Consulting.


  • Managing partners
  • CEOs
  • Senior partners
  • Chairs

Membership details


  • Creating a culture for growth
  • From partnership to employee ownership
  • How do you lead change at a professional firm?
  • Management implications of cognitive technology
  • Measuring your performance as a leader
  • The secrets of Influencing people