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The MPF is the world's leading association of managing partners from across the spectrum of professional service firms. In South West we have created a local organisation that provides top-calibre educational and networking opportunities for all its members. By introducing thought-provoking and cutting-edge best practices that are transportable from one sector to another, we are dedicated to enhancing leadership and the status of the management team. more...


Meetings are run locally in the South West and provide both educational and networking opportunities for managing partners and other senior members of the management team. MPF South West connects the local professional services community with the wider MPF network, whilst generating real value for members closer to home. As a membership organisation, all our meetings are member only. However, those interested in joining are welcome to attend one event as our guest in order to get a feel for the group. See current event or download previous meeting report

Please contact your local Regional Director or MPF CEO, Maggie O'Neill if you wish to hear more about our events and/or membership.


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Chair: Jeremy Sweetland, Guildhall Chambers

Director: Louise Fleming, Aretai

John Banister, Wiggin LLP

Kate Blackburn, Sherwood PSF Consulting

Simon Chadwick, Chadwick Nott

Mike Fieldhouse, Realityhouse Limited

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In addition to a vibrant national roundtable programme to share knowledge and personal experience of management challenges, the MPF serves as an honest broker collecting and analysing confidential peer and client data.

Insights are curated and shared amongst leaders and their management teams worldwide to ensure professional firms can take better informed decisions on aspects of firm strategy.

Examples include:

The final piece in the knowledge mix are confidential Peer groups that allow leaders to share ‘here and now’ experiences and challenges with others in an intimate an confidential team working environment. Member only groups are organised around areas of special interest, management roles and experience.


The Forum has been a noisy campaigner for over 15 years in changing internal attitudes towards practice management in professional firms. This has seen various campaigns, articles, surveys and reports on behalf of members to share best practice and prompt quality discussion amongst the firm management team.

Since 2011 we have been working with a UK government advisory board, the ‘Professional & Business Services Group’, whose role is to raise issues and share ideas that impact the ‘competitiveness of UK Plc’. The ‘‘MPF CEO Priorities Monitor’’ helps firms and policy makers take decisions based on an improved understanding of prospects, priorities and challenges seen by the professions.


We organise the MPF Awards for Management Excellence, a unique opportunity to honour and emulate those advisory firms across the professions that have been judged by independent experts as being the best managed and therefore highly attractive to clients and employees. Widely recognised as the premier Awards for those with practice management roles, the competition has been running since 2002.


Louise Fleming

Louise Fleming,

Jeremy Sweetland

Jeremy Sweetland,
Guildhall Chambers

Kate Blackburn

Kate Blackburn,
Sherwood PSF Consulting

John Banister

John Banister,
Wiggin LLP

Mike Fieldhouse

Mike Fieldhouse,
Realityhouse Limited

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Invites will be sent out approximately six weeks before each event.

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March 2016
Aligning strategy with client centred performance – MTT event

January 2016
Brain Savvy Business – MTT event

November 2015
Closing the gap – MTT event

June 2015
Delivering a winning overall client experience – MTT event

May 2015
The Power of Persuasion and Impact – MTT event

March 2015
Innovation and Creativity

January 2015
Do you know how to play the Generation Y game?

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