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Management Library

Increase your awareness of business issues and alternative solutions by searching our Management Library of original content - event reports, survey reports and over 500 Board Briefings - in multiple channels.

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Board Briefings

Few Boards can boast a CSO of equal status to the COO or CFO. This matters as the perspective of a strategist is very different from others at the table. 'Board Briefings from your Chief Strategist' fills the vacuum. Each is curated from an inspirational source such as a McKinsey insight, business book or HBR article into a digestible 200 word summary.


Event reports

The Forum organises over 50 member-only events annually as an inclusive member benefit. These include quarterly Summits, Group meetings and ‘Management Team Together’ sessions.


Survey reports

The Forum conducts regular surveys. Recent ones include:

Struggling with strategy
Jointly with FTI Consulting
A survey of more than 200 Forum members reveals that although “strategy” is regarded as the second most important area of expertise when advising clients, many firms are giving little attention to their own strategies. This neglect of an essential element of running a business could well have serious consequences. More...

Sector trends and priorities
Jointly with the Government's Professional & Business Services Council
Present levels of activity are near normal; slightly below for larger firms: with SME’s slightly higher than larger firms. The key area for investment is technology. Political uncertainty is the top constraint on growth. More...

Trade post Brexit
Produced for the House of Lords EU internal market sub-committee
92% of firms currently provide services to clients in other EU countries. 75%  are in agreement that a comprehensive EU free trade agreement would offer similar access for their firm to that achievable at present. Free movement of people is seen as essential by 42% of firms and important by a further 30% More...

Women in leadership
Forum research confirms that professional firms are taking a lead in supporting women in leadership roles. A number already exceed the 33% target set by Women on Boards. The report looks at what firms are doing and how. We also look at best practice on supporting the women in leadership pipeline, and ask what the corporate world can learn from the professions. More...