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Forum news

10 Jun 2021

Forum salutes Award winners

Eight firms shared the honours at the Forum's 19th annual Management Excellence Awards, held on the Remo platform. Commented one firm: "It was great to attend a genuinely live awards with interaction.  Thanks for hosting such an enjoyable event."

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23 Apr 2021

Training courses least effective during lockdown

Taking part in training courses was seen as the least effective element in personal development during lockdown by 73% of respondents according to a poll on the 'Re-tuning your Firm' weekly show. This compared with just 33% pre-Covid. 

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19 Apr 2021

24/7 specialist Networking Clubs launched

Insight, innovation and action result from human interactions inspired by ideas. Each of the Forum's new free 24/7 Clubs provides: conversations with unlimited video on private virtual tables, and regular social events (Remo); discussion board, opt-in member directory, and videos of past roundtables (HighQ).

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16 Apr 2021

Firms struggling to foster creativity

Despite 'Fostering creativity' being seen as the fifth most important management activity by firm leaders, it is the one with the lowest level of personal effectiveness during lockdown, according to a poll on the 'Re-tuning your Firm' weekly show.

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A wide range of activities and locations

Re-tuning your Firm , Summits

Re-tuning your Leadership

Leadership session of the 'Re-tuning your Firm' Summit 2021. Panel: Michael Chissick; Neil Farmer; and Darshita Gillies. Moderated by Francesca Lagerberg.

Date recorded: 22 June 2021

North America

Challenges of implementing succession during a pandemic

The panel for the third session of the Forum's North America group consisted of Harry Blum of RSM; Manuelle Charbonneau of Charbonneau Leadership Consulting; Andy Corea of Murtha Cullina; and Sandro Iannicca of SI Consulting. The webinar was moderated by Patrick McKenna and hosted by Larry Stroud.

Date recorded: 27 April 2021


Fast-track Innovation™ - session 2

Fast-track Innovation - Session 2 - Where and how best to deploy design sprints (Ian Jeffery, Becky Shields, Rosemary Nunn, Marcus Dimbleby and Nigel Spencer)

Date recorded: 17 March 2021


Best solutions for clients - Awards 2021

Mark Grayson, COO at BCLP Cubed, on the winning submission for the Best Solutions for Clients category at the 2021 Awards. More

Date recorded: 10 June 2021

How we can help

Access the wisdom of peers

Dealing with leadership and management challenges is a lonely place. Share issues and explore solutions with the same small group of peers at regular moderated meetings. Having a safe place to tap into their wisdom can feel like salvation...

Address business opportunities

Leadership capabilities, strategic insights and management practices are enhanced through participating in our roundtables, summits, Clubs and polls. Firm productivity is also boosted as the overall relationship between management practices and productivity is strong, significant and positive, according to a recent ONS study.  

Tap into advice and tools for converting insights into action

Design thinking is a practical and useful way to address almost any business challenge, according to the £1m Government-funded research study with four business schools. Our Fast-track Innovation™ wiki, bespoke sprints and specialist consultancy & training help firms convert insights into action through collaborative design. 

Recent poll findings

Monthly tracker

Firms remain bullish with 70% to 80% expecting expansion and no firm expecting contraction over the next year in activity levels, headcount or new work flow. 

Impact of lockdown

41% view the impact of lockdown on their firm as positive with 41% viewing it as negative. Happiness levels have reduced and more people have had mental health issues during lockdown. 

Cyber security

Lack of expertise, poor communications and cultural resistance are the most common risk indicators. Ransomware attack recovery plans need a lot of work!

Usage of new technologies

Financial management has the greatest usage, followed by services delivered to clients, then marketing and new business generation, then influencing innovation, then knowledge management, then people management and finally strategy development.

The Forum creates a relaxed and trusting environment in which senior individuals feel able to openly discuss the issues that confront them. High quality speakers and worthwhile subjects that persuade busy senior people to give up time.

Fay Gillott
Ex-Chief Executive, Atkin Chambers