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Forum news

05 Feb 2021

Forum's YouTube channel attracted 847 hits last month

The 86 five-minute presentations from the 'Re-tuning your Firm' weekly shows attracted over 800 hits last month. Select videos by keyword and/or presenter, and then click through to YouTube. Also, subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive notifications of new videos.

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29 Jan 2021

Firms remain bullish over expansion

The latest monthly trends tracker showed that the rapid improvement in activity levels, headcount and new work flow at the end of December was also present at the end of January. The main constraints remain the economic climate, the financial health of clients and fee pressures

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22 Jan 2021

Why do people really leave a firm?

The poll identifies a major disconnect between the employment experience and career site messages - which are seen to focus on colleagues, culture, clients and work quality - and reasons for leaving, which are seen to be driven by recognition, reward and career advancement. 

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12 Jan 2021

Seek independent recognition of your expertise

The current lack of Award programmes means that being shortlisted for a quality Award generates far more reputational value than in prior years. Furthermore, there has never been a year in which management's contribution to the business has been more important. Submissions close on 26 February. 

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Re-tuning your firm


Re-tuning your firm

Friday 26 February 2021

Francesca Lagerberg, Tim Vorley, Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil and Andrew Mayo

Property and other implications of sustaining your firm's culture in a post lockdown world

Firmwide Leaders

Property and other implications of sustaining your firm's culture in a post lockdown world

Tuesday 02 March 2021

Dealing with the underperforming or misbehaving partner

North America

Dealing with the underperforming or misbehaving partner

Thursday 11 March 2021

Kristen Fitzpatrick, Sandro Iannicca, Angela Sebastian, Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Patrick McKenna and Larry Stroud

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