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Forum news

07 Jan 2022

Significant enhancement to team membership

Any professional services firm with two members of the Managing Partners’ Forum can now propose an unlimited number of its firmwide/divisional leaders or senior members of its management team as Forum members at no extra cost.

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26 Nov 2021

Few firms conduct performance reviews at the end of every management project

Leaders & managers may effective at setting objectives to those reporting to them, but only 30% of firms conduct regular performance reviews at the end of every management project, and at a further 30% feedback is provided less often than annually or never.

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18 Nov 2021

20th Anniversary Management Excellence Awards launched

The pandemic has highlighted the critical contribution of effective leadership and management to any business. It is therefore apt that our Management Excellence Awards involve rigorous independent evaluation of initiatives that show superior business practices, support to clients, or community engagement. Join the launch reception on 13 January 

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12 Nov 2021

50% of key clients requesting ESG performance data

Over 50% of key clients are seeking information on the ESG performance of their advisers. While far more firms are treating renewables and conservation of resources as a priority, very few are measuring their carbon footprint. There has been a significant increase since September 2020 in the number of firms with plans for a dedicated ESG resource.

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A wide range of activities and locations

Re-tuning your Firm

Re-tuning your Firm - Episode 63

Episode 63 of Re-tuning your Firm. Panel: Jeremy Beard of Haysmacintyre; Dana Denis-Smith of Obelisk Support; Anne Harnetty of Johnson Beaumont; and Francesca Lagerberg of Grant Thornton; Includes findings of poll on ESG maturity. Hosted by Richard Chaplin 

Date recorded: 12 November 2021

Transatlantic show

Re-tuning your Firm - Transatlantic - Episode 1

Episode 1 of Re-tuning your Firm - Transatlantic. Panel: Francesca Lagerberg of Grant Thornton; Dr Larry Richard of LawyerBrain; Larry Stroud of Korverge, and Sebastian Hartmann of KPMG. Includes findings of poll comparing the impact of lockdown between the continents. Hosted by Richard Chaplin 

Date recorded: 29 September 2021


Best solutions for clients - Awards 2021

Mark Grayson, COO at BCLP Cubed, on the winning submission for the Best Solutions for Clients category at the 2021 Awards. More

Date recorded: 10 June 2021


Fast-track Innovation™ - session 2

Fast-track Innovation - Session 2 - Where and how best to deploy design sprints (Ian Jeffery, Becky Shields, Rosemary Nunn, Marcus Dimbleby and Nigel Spencer)

Date recorded: 17 March 2021

How we can help

Access the wisdom of peers

Dealing with leadership and management challenges is a lonely place. Share issues and explore solutions with the same small group of peers at regular moderated meetings. Having a safe place to tap into their wisdom can feel like salvation...

Address business opportunities

Leadership capabilities, strategic insights and management practices are enhanced through participating in our roundtables, summits, Clubs and polls. Firm productivity is also boosted as the overall relationship between management practices and productivity is strong, significant and positive, according to a recent ONS study.  

Tap into advice and tools for converting insights into action

Design thinking is a practical and useful way to address almost any business challenge, according to the £1m Government-funded research study with four business schools. Our Fast-track Innovation™ wiki, bespoke sprints and specialist consultancy & training help firms convert insights into action through collaborative design. 

Recent poll findings

Quarterly tracker

Firms remain bullish with 70% to 80% expecting expansion and few expecting contraction over the next year in activity levels, headcount or new work flow. Over 90% of people will be working from home for at least half the time.

Impact of lockdown - Transatlantic show

Europeans view the lockdown in more positive terms, are less panicked by Covid and more relaxed over returning to the office. Happiness levels decreased less at European firms, but more mental health issues surfaced.

Cyber security

Lack of expertise, poor communications and cultural resistance are the most common risk indicators. Ransomware attack recovery plans need a lot of work!

Usage of new technologies

Financial management has the greatest usage, followed by services delivered to clients, then marketing and new business generation, then influencing innovation, then knowledge management, then people management and finally strategy development.

At a time of profound economic, social and geopolitical challenge, the Forum harvests the collective experience and wisdom of today’s leaders and critical thinkers in professional services.

Professor Stephen Mayson
Faculty of Laws, University College London