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28 Nov 2019

Is your firm 'AI ready'?

The Forum’s annual technology summit, hosted by BCLP, presented the interim findings of a Government-funded business school research project to help mid-size law and accountancy firms adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies through collaborative design.

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14 Nov 2019

New Advisory Board members

We welcome Cameron Ireland, CEO of BoardEx, and Neha Sawjani, Business Director of Business in the Community, as new members of the Forum's Advisory Board.

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20 Oct 2019

What does good line management look like?

October’s MTT meeting was an interactive session hosted by Meirion Jones, director of Client Critical, and leading professional services consultant, trainer and coach, about the challenges that line managers face and how to put things right when line management goes wrong.

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14 Oct 2019

Measuring the cultural health of your firm

September’s MTT meeting, about applying digital tools and methodologies to measure and manage organisational culture heard from Ian Jeffery, CEO of Lewis Silkin; Thomas Davies, CEO and founder of Temporall; and Penny Newman, chief people officer at Lewis Silkin.

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Brexit | Cyber | Technology | Talent

Management Team Together

Brexit | Cyber | Technology | Talent

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Kate Wolstenholme & Tony Hodgson


High Performance Leadership

Excellence Summits

High performance leadership

Monday 27 January 2020

Catherine Baker, Sport and Beyond

Paul Kelly, HSBC

Strategy Summit

Excellence Summits

Strategy Summit

Monday 16 March 2020

Invites are sent out approximately six weeks before each event. All events take place in London unless otherwise stated.


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Our sector makes a vital contribution to the UK economy, local communities and public life. The campaign aims to set the record straight. 

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Forum members would make ideal NEDs at corporates as this is not only beneficial for them and their firms, but could result in a material boost to UK productivity.


340,000 individuals with more than £1m of investable wealth give some £1.3bn annually to good causes. Those who are well advised give up to 17 times more.


Local leaders from every sector of the UK economy, business schools, professional bodies and Government, working together to help solve the UK's productivity problem

The Forum's Strategy Group has provided a very useful place to meet with peers from other organisations and to discuss some of the key issues facing all of us.

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