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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cascades

Accelerating the cascade of knowledge from visionaries to pragmatists to conservatives

Sector firms stand to gain significantly from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in terms of productivity, efficiency and innovation, yet often lack the required motivation, scale and resources. Further, the potential of AI and ML remains hypothetical unless and until the leadership team at a firm has the authority, confidence and knowledge to persuade frontline advisers to embrace new ways of working. ‘Command & control’ is seldom a viable route to bring about change at a professional firm.


Purpose of AI Cascades

To accelerate the cascade of knowledge from visionaries to pragmatists to conservatives.  If pragmatists are not fully engaged, a likely outcome for conservatives is either oblivion (for retail providers) or slow suicide (for B2B providers given their stronger client-adviser relationships). The Cascades also inform the NextGen PSF project and have committed to disseminate its findings.


Select your preferred Cascade

Visionaries (est 10% of firms)

  • High use of AI
  • Comfortable with intelligent failure
  • Focus on cool new technologies and market opportunities
  • Moderator: Neota Logic

Pragmatists (est 25% of firms)

  • Willing to experiment with AI
  • Will only fully embrace AI once visionaries have shown the way
  • Focus on business model innovation and management best practice
  • Moderator: Post*Shift

Conservatives (est 65% of firms)

  • Low use of AI
  • Waiting for pragmatists to iron out the bugs
  • By the time they act, it may be too late
  • Focus on enhanced business processes and knowledge transfer
  • Moderator: HighQ


The role of moderators

Moderators contribute relevant educational content on a suitable basis and encourage their contacts worldwide to join and/or persuade their leaders to become members.