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Best managed international firm

2016 winner


The winners were confronted with a number of significant management challenges and have come through them all with great skill. This firm is clearly on the rise. Its leaders understand that effective communication and engagement with employees, as well as close working with clients, is key to their progress. The judges were particularly impressed by the smooth merger with Dundas and Wilson, the firm’s move into new premises and their use of new technology. All of these served to highlight their focus on the quality, responsiveness and performance of their people.

Managed International Firm

From left: Jon Culshaw, Stephen Millar (CMS) and Andrea Delay (Barclays)


2nd place


Once again this year, the judges were delighted to see the connections that this firm draws between involvement of their employees and the achievements of the firm. Its leaders have put a special emphasis on diversity and the use of new internal communication tools. These approaches are embedded in this firm’s business strategy and it is clearly helping them to achieve profitable growth.