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Best provision of know-how

2016 winner


Garrigues has been selected as the organisation exhibiting the best provision of know-how in the client experience award category for its re-invention over the last year of Garrigues KM as a collaborative knowledge-sharing space, rolling out the HighQ tool, Collaborate, to create multipurpose, accessible spaces from a single platform, covering both internal use for all of Garrigues’ lawyers, as well as external use by clients. Effective knowledge sharing was achieved through the use of communities, wikis, document archives, blogs and a variety of forums and online training was facilitated through the creation of a virtual knowledge classroom. Garrigues’ innovative development of an international fashion law extranet, blog and calendar for non-client European firms, using the Collaborate platform, facilitating knowledge sharing across a wider industry base made Garrigues’ submission in this award category stand out.

Provision Of Know How

From left: Jon Culshaw, Isabel Casas (Garrigues) and Paul Lemon (SkillsScorecard)