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Best provision of knowledge to clients

For the management team that has organised firm knowledge in ways that demonstrably engage and support clients.

2018 winner

DLA Piper

The WIN programme has a broad reach and scope and focusses on helping clients, and non-clients, help themselves by providing information that addresses the technical, personal and commercial aspects of working in-house. It has demonstrated a consistent and high standard of delivery over a number of years to an ever-growing audience via different channels including online and events. It is an excellent example of ‘Best provision of knowledge to clients’ and a worthy winner in the category.

Winner's quote: "WIN is a live, tangible example of client listening, with a dedicated response from a law firm. It’s so exciting to be driving the WIN agenda and helping clients all over the world with their challenges, and as such, we are very proud to receive this award and to achieve further external recognition. In listening to our clients and then providing what they truly want- we have found the recipe for a successful partnership between law firm and client." Bethany Jennings, Senior Marketing Manager

 Best Provision Of Knowledge To Clients

Jo Caulfield, Bethany Jennings, Richard Norman and Jessica Miller (Vuture)


2nd place

Bird & Bird

The Digital Marketing Law app is a most appropriate channel to provide access to the intricacies of the legal aspects of marketing in a digital age. The app provides concise and up to date information to both legal and non-legal users, and is a great example of providing focussed value-added knowledge for free. The app, like any good app, is evolving from feedback to better suit users’ needs. It is a great example of harnessing technology to disseminate knowledge in a niche area.