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Managing Partners' Forum Awards 2021

The pandemic has highlighted the critical contribution of effective leadership and management. Accordingly, the Forum, with its knowledge partners Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times, sees merit in continuing to recognise achievement with its 19th annual Awards for Management Excellence. The only significant change from prior years is a virtual launch reception and ceremony.


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The critical contribution of management

The Awards involve rigorous independent evaluation of initiatives that show superior business practices, support to clients, or community engagement.  Over 200 firms located worldwide have entered to date, many on multiple occasions.

Key dates

Submissions: 13 January to 26 February
Shortlists announced: 29 March
Online Awards ceremony: Thursday 10 June


What's in it for…

... Your firmIndependent evidence of your firm’s ability to provide well-managed services to its clients, combined with enhanced pride for all stakeholders in the firm.

... Your clients: Access to trustworthy information based on rigorous independent evaluation reinforces a client’s impressions of whether an advisory firm is well-managed. This should result in better quality outcomes and fewer cost overruns.

... You: Demonstrating your contribution and impact, and advising your peers at clients on your core expertise, puts you at the heart of conversations, increases your influence, and strengthens people’s trust in your strategies, while enhancing the reputation of your firm with its clients.


Networking opportunties

Awards are as important for informal networking with peers as for recognising success. Delegates will be able to mix, mingle and make introductions in the online Awards lounge on at the Awards ceremony on Thursday 10 June at 5pm.


A focus on Themes

There is often uncertainty over the optimal category for an initiative. So, instead simply choose the Theme below that best reflects its aspirations. This makes it easier to focus on crafting a quality submission.

Make your business more productive (Business Theme)
At a time when most people are working from home, a key challenge for management has been how best to foster productive, healthy and sustainable working practices, and to sustain innovation now that the imperative caused by the pandemic has eased.

Help your clients be more productive (Client Theme)
The pandemic has helped clients clarify which of their advisers are truly client-centric. Do your front line advisers describe themselves solely by reference to their expertise (law, accountancy, architecture, etc) or also by their contribution to their clients? Delivering the latter may involve collaboration with external specialists such as consultants and financial institutions.

Enable your community to flourish (Community Theme)
At a time when finances and cash flow carry most weight in partner/director discussions, it is easy to de-prioritise community contribution. However, it remains an excellent way for firms to develop their people in terms of both individual skills and teamwork, and to enhance the firm’s employer brand for new recruits, as well as to boost the engagement of current employees, while improving the community of which they are also a part.

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