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Managing Partners' Forum Awards 2022

The pandemic may have resulted in big changes to service delivery patterns, but clients still treat the impression of working with a well-managed firm as an essential pre-requisite when instructing an adviser (Source: Forum/FT research). Well-managed firms are also more productive, according to a recent study from the Office for National Statistics.

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Key stages and dates
  • Submissions deadline  - 28 February
  • Category shortlists announced - 31 March
  • Ceremony - 15 June at 4pm on Remo


The critical contribution of management

The pandemic has highlighted the critical contribution of effective leadership and management to any business. Accordingly, the Managing Partners’ Forum, with knowledge partners Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times, is extending its recognition and praise of management achievement at professional services firms worldwide into a 20th year.

The Forum’s Management Excellence Awards involve rigorous independent evaluation of initiatives that show superior business practices, support to clients or community engagement. Over 200 firms located across the world have entered to date, many on multiple occasions.

The only material difference from pre-pandemic years is the virtual nature of the announcement and recognition of the winners.

A focus on Themes

Focus on crafting a quality submission through simply choosing a suitable Theme for your initiative: 

  • Make your business more productive (Business Theme). With almost everyone working from home for some of the time, a key challenge for management is how best to foster productive, healthy and sustainable working practices, and sustain innovation.
  • Help your clients be more productive (Client Theme). The pandemic has brought clarity over the advisers who are truly client-centric. Does your front line describe themselves solely by reference to their expertise (law, accountancy, architecture, etc) or also by their contribution to their clients?
  • Enable your community to flourish (Community Theme). Given finance and cash flow carry most weight in partner/director discussions, it is easy for community contribution to be given lower priority. Yet, this remains an excellent way for firms to develop their people in terms of both individual skills and teamwork, and to enhance the firm’s employer brand for new recruits, as well as boost the engagement of current employees, while improving the community of which they are also a part.

Each Theme is deliberately broad to allow freedom to select initiatives from across the firm. It is essential to focus on specific initiatives rather than general enhancements.


Judging criteria

Each shortlisted entry is judged by a panel of independent judges against six criteria of equal weight:

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Active leadership engagement
  3. Innovation in services, markets, methods or systems
  4. Effective education of stakeholders
  5. Positive impact on the client experience, employee engagement or stakeholder performance
  6. Measurable impact against goals in a reasonable timescale

Submissions are allocated to categories by the judges


More information

Please email Richard Chaplin or call him on +44 (0)20 7786 9786.