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Commitments and requests

As a recognised independent voice, the Forum has made the following commitments to and requests of UK Government.


Mutual access: To encourage leaders of sector firms and clients to join the Productivity Exchange to share ideas with each other, Government, professional bodies and business schools, and to respond to Government consultations

Collaboration: To encourage frontline advisers and leadership teams to work together to deliver technical know-how and leadership, management & training expertise to clients

Shared expertise: To bring together leaders from sector firms and clients at local meetings in up to 60 cities across the UK to share tips on leadership style, management excellence, training techniques and ways to increase employee engagement

Innovation: To help sector firms and their clients adopt AI & ML through free-to-join AI consortia and an ESRC-funded NextGen PSF project, in partnership with four business schools

Governance: To seek a ‘healthy’ balance between supply and demand for firmwide leaders and other advisers as independent NEDs at corporates and other organisations as this should result in better Board decisions and a boost to UK productivity.



Reciprocity: To ensure that issues raised on the Productivity Exchange are routed to the correct Government department and suitable responses generated on a timely basis.

Attitudes: To adjust the R&D tax credits scheme to include investment in tools that measure or enhance employee engagement. This should help change attitudes towards the importance of employee engagement as a driver of productivity.

Awareness: To provide financial and ONS support for a rigorous independent economic study and thought leadership campaign to set the record straight over the vital contribution of professional services to the UK economy, productivity, exports, local communities and public life. This project is likely to involve:

  • Reaching broad agreement on a relevant and clear definition of the sector that can be promoted consistently by all parties;
  • Once sector boundaries have been determined, combining data and research from a wide range of public and private sources to form a robust dataset of sector revenues, growth, employee engagement, value added and headcount;
  • Confirming the direction and continuing importance of the sector and calculating its value multiplier through robust econometric modelling and active engagement with clients.


Background paper

Our Productivity paper for Government details how the Forum and its active supporters are committed to helping resolve the UK's productivity problem.