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Business Management Hiring Trends 2022 - UK Law Firms

The era of unsung heroes is over


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The inaugural report from the Managing Partners’ Forum and Vacancysoft into business management hiring trends by UK law firms over the past five years shows that these roles (Marketing, HR, Finance, IT, etc) now account for nearly 50% of total vacancies compared with the low-mid 40% prior to the pandemic.


Key findings for marketers from the report are:

• New opportunities for those with strong digital skills – online pitches, hybrid events, etc.
• While junior marketers made up 48% of vacancies in 2017, the proportion of mid-level and senior vacancies has risen since 2020.
• The fastest growth was in BD and KAM.


Key findings for HR specialists from the report are:

• Mid-level specialists accounted for 61% of published vacancies in 2021
• Vacancies for recruitment specialists increased by 324% year-on-year, up 89% in relation to pre-pandemic levels
• The fastest growth was in HR generalists


Key findings for IT specialists from the report are:

• IT vacancies have pulled away from marketing as the most in-demand area.
• Junior to mid-level roles experienced the largest growth, with vacancies up 134% year-on-year and 118.8% year-on-year, respectively
• Law is the only UK sector where analysts make up the largest specialist area (some 25% of vacancies)
• The fastest growth was in IT infrastructure specialists


The era of ‘unsung heroes’ is over, according to Forum CEO Richard Chaplin: 

“The significant growth in business management roles in recent years shows that their vital contribution to a firm’s commercial success is widely recognised. 

However, hiring experts is the easy part. Treat them as equals to frontline advisers or they will leave you. There is also ample evidence that clients favour well-managed firms. 

Elusive sustainable competitive advantage is achievable by those that can show through multiple channels to multiple audiences that they are a well-managed firm.” 


Download the full report 

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