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Fast-track InnovationTM

Design sprints (derived from design thinking) are a very useful and practical way to re-think and resolve business challenges. That is the core finding from a multi-disciplinary Government-funded research project.

Our aim is to share the knowledge with leadership teams on where and how best to deploy design sprints, within the context of an overall innovation roadmap.

There is no rule that says nothing can be changed. A significant part of the reason why design thinking, and other design-related workshops, have been so successful in recent years is the spirit of curiosity that they engender. Not only do workshop structures and individual methods survive being adapted or swapped around, they can thrive on such creativity.

Feel free to experiment but keep a clear eye on your intended outcomes and maintain a commitment to the shared learning process that makes collaborative design so valuable.


Design sprint tracks

Design sprints are aimed at leadership teams; front line advisers; and business professionals, supported by approved external advisers. Participants can be from a single or multiple firms. Design sprints can be adapted to a range of contexts and in response to different challenges or opportunities. For example, four distinct tracks with associated tasks have been created for Forum members:

  • Strategy | Policy sprints (for Board and Executive Committee members)
  • AI readiness sprints from the project team (for those interested in new technologies)
  • Inclusive sprints (for operational issues)
  • Experimental sprints (for radical innovation)


Create your own sprints

Two versions are supported:

  • DIY sprints, using free wiki-based guidance from the project team.
  • Bespoke sprints on an integrated HighQ and Miro platform. This allows Forum members to create and populate unlimited sprints from a list of track-specific pro-forma tasks, with extra steps in the journey and expert consultancy available on a commercial basis. For more details of bespoke sprints, please contact Richard Chaplin.