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Artificial Intelligence (AI) consortia

The Forum has formed three online consortia to allow professional firms, business schools, technology suppliers and other interested parties located worldwide to explore and debate AI and ML issues

Visionaries (est 10% of firms)

  • High use of AI
  • Comfortable with intelligent failure
  • Focus on cool new technologies and market opportunities
  • Moderator: Neota Logic

Pragmatists (est 25% of firms)

  • Willing to experiment with AI
  • Will only fully embrace AI once visionaries have shown the way
  • Focus on business model innovation and management best practice
  • Moderator: Post*Shift

Conservatives (est 65% of firms)

  • Low use of AI
  • Waiting for pragmatists to iron out the bugs
  • By the time they act, it may be too late
  • Focus on enhanced business processes and knowledge transfer
  • Moderator: HighQ