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Finance & Operations Group

The Forum’s Finance & Operations Group provides a formal network of respected leaders who manage and advise on financial and operational matters.

Preparing your firm for tomorrow, today requires unprecedented levels of vision, strategic planning, security, well informed decisions, and investment, combined with exemplary leadership.  Along with embracing and leading change, this group seeks to share best practice and experience to help informed decisions when examining the key issues around risk, governance, technology and trust. 

Five weekly roundtables for up to 20 members help members share challenges and solutions. Request a place

Additional Management team events bringing together members of all Forum Groups.

Clarify how members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their firms.

Explore ways to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the firmwide leader and other C-Suite members.

Dedicated to the issues that make a real difference - other networks focus on technical capability.

An inclusive senior forum - other networks exclude those without an accountancy qualification.




Details of next event coming soon…