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Firmwide Leaders Group

The Group aims to help members attain greater clarity over priorities, new capabilities and skills, insights and practical tips, awareness of policy developments, as well as making new contacts and building relationships.

Five-weekly member-only roundtables for up to 20 leaders. Request a place

Purpose: To assist firmwide leaders attain greater clarity over priorities, new capabilities and skills, insights and practical tips.  

Presenters: Business thinkers, sector role models and thought leaders.

Moderator: Executive coach Richard Thorby

20 to 30-minute presentations, followed by an open discussion conducted under Chatham House rules.

Member lounge open every day for networking from 8.30 to 9am and from 5 to 5.30pm. Re-capture the sense of social presence and informal interaction 

Free books for each attendee when a presenter has recently written on the topic.

Extra roundtables, possibly at short notice, arranged when Harvard Business Review authors are in town. 


Property and other implications of sustaining your firm's culture in a post lockdown world

Tuesday 02 March 2021

A top item on the agenda at most firms is property strategy, in particular how much space is needed and how the space is best configured. The sums involved are astronomical. Which activities and tasks benefit most from face-to-face interaction, and which are best performed solo? How best to sustain a firm's culture when everyone is working from home for a significant part of the week. The roundtable will be informed by the findings of polls conducted on the weekly 'Re-tuning your Firm' show

Fast-track Innovation™

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Design sprints (derived from design thinking) are a very useful and practical way to re-think and resolve business challenges. That is the core finding from a multi-disciplinary Government-funded research project. This Conference will share the knowledge with leadership teams on where and how best to deploy design sprints, within the context of an overall innovation roadmap.