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Firmwide Leaders Group

The Group aims to help members attain greater clarity over priorities, new capabilities and skills, insights and practical tips, awareness of policy developments, as well as making new contacts and building relationships.

Leader & Policymaker Roundtables for up to 20 leaders.


  • Leader: To assist firmwide leaders attain greater clarity over priorities, new capabilities and skills, insights and practical tips.  
  • Policymaker: To assist firmwide leaders interested in staying informed of developments. Tracking politics and policymaking receives far less attention than regulatory changes. Given the current turmoil, this is no longer a sensible strategy.


  • LeaderBusiness thinkers, sector role models and thought leaders.
  • PolicymakerPoliticians, government officials, economists, analysts and lobbyists.


  • Leader: Executive coach Richard Thorby
  • Policymaker: John Rowland of Cicero Group

20 to 30-minute presentations, followed by an open discussion conducted under Chatham House rules.

Free books for each attendee when a presenter has recently written on the topic.

Extra roundtables, possibly at short notice, arranged when Harvard Business Review authors are in town.



Using technology for transformation

Friday 20 September 2019

While there is no silver bullet when designing transformations, four actions emerge as critical: role modelling; fostering understanding and conviction; reinforcing changes through formal mechanisms; and developing talent and skills. McKinsey research shows that while each of these actions has a similar correlation with overall success, successful transformations are nearly eight times more likely to use all four actions.

Best practice when implementing transformations includes:

  • Avoid repeating the same old initiatives;
  • Address both strengths and weaknesses;
  • Set clear priorities; 
  • Ensure that people across the firm are involved

What does good line management look like in professional services?

Wednesday 02 October 2019

While making the numbers is always mission critical, the best managers aim to coach and champion their teams, reward behaviours, embrace change, extend their networks and stay connected. Why?

  • Managers can’t take optimal decisions about the work that produces their results without listening to the frontline. 
  • Managerial and organisational barriers often prevent people from applying what they have learned, no matter how smart and motivated they are. 
  • Being an approachable manager is insufficient; your people will still withhold valuable intelligence. 

Effective conflict resolution

Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Forum is partnering on an ESRC-funded project led by Sheffield Management School to evaluate the impact on employee engagement and productivity of conflict competence and other core management practices in both private and public sectors, and to develop training interventions that can be replicated in a wide range of organisational contexts. The roundtable will allow Forum members to learn more about effective conflict resolution, and to explore ways that our sector can contribute to and benefit from the research project. 

The Technology Summit - Is your firm 'AI ready'? Does it matter? What's really happening?

Monday 11 November 2019

The core of the Forum's 2019 Technology Summit is an update on the project from the team of researchers at four leading business schools (Sheffield, Manchester, Lancaster and UAL London). Given the project is live, the detailed agenda and speakers will not be announced until nearer the date. But places can be booked by clicking on 'Request a guest pass' now.

Developing an Award winning corporate culture

Friday 22 November 2019

More information available soon ...

Dealing with adversity

Thursday 12 December 2019

More information available soon ...