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Management Team Together Group

Given the interdependency of management functions in tackling the big issues, this group brings together all 'C-suite' disciplines to encourage dialogue and different perspectives.

The economic case for collaboration may be well-established, but experts have a tendency to congregate into silos, thereby building barriers and reinforcing group think. However, everyone belongs to a team and most communication is conveyed through non-verbal means, with face-time the only way to read it.

Management team together events bring together members of all Forum Groups.

Learn about the motivations, fears, hopes, troubles, etc of those with distinct mindsets.

Share information that you wouldn’t be as comfortable sharing with a work colleague.

Enjoy a level playing field and an open forum – everybody present has the same opportunity to communicate and listen; everybody gets the chance to speak, and to hear what’s said.

Lift your head out of your day-to-day activities.


Latest event report

How to maintain your firm’s culture in a hybrid environment (October 2022)


Future events

Is the partnership model dead? Long live the partnership model!

Tuesday 06 June 2023

As social, economic and political changes all increasingly impact our working environment, how do we plan for the future of our firms? This expert panel session will discuss the considerable variables at play in the professional service sector today and offer thoughts, if not answers, to some of the questions many of us will be facing:

Strategy Summit 2023

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Developing a coherent strategy in these times of massive unexpected disruption