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People, Performance & Culture Group

The Group (formerly the HR Group) provides a formal network to examine the impact of the very real changes that are redefining every aspect of work, and concepts that engender best practice.

As professional firms experience rapid change from technology and big data, generational, gender, social and ethnic imbalance, and increasingly diverse ecosystems, leadership that harnesses the power of people, performance and culture is increasingly a strategic priority.

Quarterly roundtables for up to 20 members help members share challenges and solutions.

Additional Management team events bringing together members of all Forum Groups.

Clarify how members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their firms, all of which are people businesses.

Explore ways to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the firm-wide leader and other C-Suite members.

Provides expert insight, collaboration and leadership across all professional sectors on matters that influence strategic planning to build successful cultures and sustainable growth.

An inclusive forum – other networks exclude those without a formal HR qualification.

A private hub free for any senior knowledge, innovation or technology expert at any organisation worldwide – more…




The Productivity Summit: Boosting client productivity

Monday 03 June 2019

Is your firm boosting the productivity of its clients?
UK productivity has not grown in the past decade, resulting in prosperity being 17% below trend. Britain is the only large advanced economy likely to see a decline in productivity growth in 2019 according to the Conference Board, a US non-profit research group. Our sector’s unique reach and ability to boost the productivity of our clients is seen by Government, Bank of England and many others as part of the solution to the productivity puzzle.

Join Advisory Board members and an illustrious group of leaders at the Forum’s second annual Productivity Summit to explore:

  • The vital role of management and leadership in boosting productivity.
  • The close links between employee engagement and productivity.
  • How tracking performance and encouraging best practice are critical in raising firm-level productivity.
  • The messaging and messengers effective at encouraging clients to take action to improve productivity.
  • The most effective time and mode to communicate messages about productivity to clients, and how different recipients affect the impact of a message.


Sustainable wellbeing and mental health first aid

Thursday 13 June 2019

As Programme Director at Nomura Health and Fitness, Ian Edwards has used innovative data analysis techniques to build a compelling case for investment to implement and measure multiple health strategies. Assessment capabilities range from cost impact assessments of presenteesism, to determining short and long-term impact of a range of mental health support solutions including GP services, medication, to stress management practices, the role of business, nutrition and lifestyle.  

Talent and culture have been at the heart of Mazars’ senior leadership strategy for the last two to three years, and over the last six months they have started to consider Wellbeing as a critical part of this strategy. Angela Cooke, as Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader for Mazars, will share some of the work that Mazars have already done to support their teams and partners on this agenda.

The Technology Summit

Monday 11 November 2019

more information to follow ....