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A 24/7 Intra-Lounge® for your firm

Knowledge workers are expected to be working from home nearly half the time post Covid. Business services teams may seldom visit the office given much of their work is likely to be viewed as best performed solo. Yet introductions and informal conversations are a vital way for joiners to meet new colleagues, and people to share ideas, knowledge and gossip.

One of the top priorities for management is sustaining a collaborative culture post Covid. Regular leadership updates may be mission-critical but are insufficient. People need to interact and there are only two dimensions:



  • Face to face interaction is vital to sustaining culture, but the sums involved can be massive and surveys indicate that offices are likely to be 50% under-utilised post Covid.
  • A city-centre office costs around £1,000 per employee per month.
  • Converting part of an office to a gym or quality social space can be incredibly expensive.
  • Hiring an external venue for social events or team-building exercises can easily exceed £100 per employee per event.



  • Online interaction with its low costs and usually 24/7 availability has also become vital to sustaining culture.
  • Client and internal meetings and training courses are expected to remain mostly online to ensure a level playing field for all participants.
  • A small minority will convert to a virtual office from a supplier such as Sococo at a monthly cost of £10 to £20 per seat depending on video usage.


Hybrid solutions

  • Most firms are exploring hybrid solutions using platforms such as Zoom or Teams. However, unlike specialist platforms such as Remo, these workhorses were not designed for introductions across a busy room or random informal conversations in a hallway.
  • The Forum has therefore developed a unique, secure, private, confidential Intra-Lounge® hosted 24/7 on the Remo platform with unlimited video and a choice of floorplans at a special launch rate of just £5 per seat per month per concurrent hall - see pricing table opposite.
  • Larger firms can have multiple linked halls, each with up to 800 seats.

Green lounge

 How does an Intra-Lounge® work?

  • Private guest list for each hall
  • Move freely between virtual tables for two, four, six or eight people with a floor for each 100 seats, and sight of the avatars of everyone on the same floor in your hall.
  • Converse privately with those on your table through video screen windows (small or tiled).
  • Once a table is full, no-one else can join until someone leaves.
  • Fully-functional stage/conference module (on managed basis)
  • A shuffle function brings people together from across the firm on a random basis.
  • Navigation boxes to move among halls and the firm's intranet.
  • Leadership updates can be streamed to the screen in the main hall on each floor. 


HighQ Collaborate integration (50+ seat annual plans only)

  • A private HighQ Collaborate site can be integrated at no cost
  • This can provide a blog/discussion forum, events calendar, tasks module, document store, wiki, searchable list of employees etc
  • Sophisticated tables, workflow and data visualisation are possible through the iSheet module
  • Private messaging is easy from mini cards and employee lists
  • Specify immediate, daily or weekly alerts for different activities