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Marketplace 2020 Price List

Marketplace participants need a membership of a relevant partnering association and, for suppliers, inclusion on a client panel


Senior individuals at firms with a same-country membership of a relevant partnering association.  In addition, all suppliers must be on an active client panel for the relevant market (PS or non-PS) in the same country. Annual dues are as follows:

  • PS clients: Managing Partners' Forum - Individual membership. Annual dues are £1,325 + a joining fee of £200.
  • PS suppliers: PM Forum - Corporate membership. Annual dues are based on the headcount of the firm, and range from £390 to £3,580, together with a joining fee ranging from £50 to £370.
  • Non-PS clients: Consultancy Procurement Consultancy - Individual membership. Annual dues are £1,500.
  • Non-PS suppliers:  A £500 same-country corporate access fee if no individuals are eligible for membership of the Managing Partners' Forum


Transaction fees

Suppliers are charged a fixed transaction fee of £500 for each project sourced through the Marketplace. For projects with a gross value of £10k or less, the fee is 5% of gross value. There are no charges to clients. 


Management Excellence Scores

Each submission incurs an administration fee of £100. No additional fee is charged if the submission is also entered for the annual Managing Partners' Forum Awards (cut-off date is 31 October with the ceremony in early March of the following year).


Team Morale Scores

The basic service (aka Level 2) involves a monthly fee of £25 per head for a single use of the Team Morale diagnostic developed by An Even Better Place ot Work (BP2W).  Subsequent levels include specialist consultancy and unlimited use of the diagnostic.