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Member lounge

Re-capture the sense of social presence and informal interaction

Share ideas and make new friends

Our community is filled with super-smart, super-successful, interesting professionals. However, right now with WFH, everyone can use a few minutes to gather in an online member lounge where you can bump into old friends, meet new people and hang out for a bit.

Hybrid events start in the member lounge. 'Watercooler commuting' is also available for the shift to a work or home mindset depending on the time of day. 

  • Move freely between 'tables' with the avatars of everyone visible on a 2D map - see image below
  • Converse privately with those on your 'table' through video screen windows (small or tiled), a 'table' whiteboard and private chat.
  • Once a 'table' is full, no-one else can join until someone leaves. Best practice is to leave after a suitable interval.
  • Engage with everyone in the lounge through public chat.
  • During a presentation, use the Q&A or raise your hand to be invited to the stage so everyone can see and hear you. 

Remo screenshot


 In a hurry? Go straight to the gate


 Getting ready for Remo

  1. Check your hardware/browser combination (tablets are NOT suitable)
  2. View a short video
  3. Create a personal profile
  4. Check out today's programme in the lounge

See also a short guide to getting ready for Remo