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Mentor Match programme

"I think the greatest thing we give each other is encouragement... knowing that I'm talking to someone in this mentoring relationship who's interested in the big idea here is very, very important to me. I think if it were just about helping me get to the next step, it would be a heck of a lot less interesting." — Anne Sweeney


What is Mentor Match and how does it work?

The Mentor Match programme identifies and brings together Mentors and Mentees. A secure confidential place is then provided for both parties to engage in and track all aspects of the mentoring relationship. The programme, which is a joint collaboration with the PM Forum, is continuous with people able to join at any time and new matches shared daily. 

Purpose: The programme helps people achieve their career and other goals through sharing experiences and learning from someone at a different organisation within a structured business relationship. An external perspective avoids the political issues that frequently trouble intra-firm mentorships. 

Cost: Participation in the programme is free of charge. 

Eligibility: Mentors are welcome from any professional services firm or relevant consultancy. The only membership requirement is that Mentees in marketing roles must work for a PM Forum member firm. Anyone can be both Mentor and Mentee at the same time.  

On-boarding: Enrolment involves adding a pen portrait and your experience as a Mentor/Mentee, specifying areas for help and the preferred background of the other party (sector, seniority, expertise etc).

Training: Novice Mentors are encouraged to undergo formal training in being an effective Mentor. This is provided by Mentor Match on a commercial basis.

Matches: Potential matches may be identified by a proprietary algorithm, but the decision to notify either party to a match is always made by a human being. Initially, Mentors are requested to approve the suggested Mentee. Then the other way around.

Test session: Once mutually approved, Mentor and Mentee are encouraged to meet – either in-person or online – for a test session, before deciding whether to embark on a mentoring relationship.

Agreement: Best practice is for both parties to complete a formal mentorship agreement - see opposite.  

Feedback: At the conclusion of each mentorship, both parties are encouraged to comment on the programme and also anonymously rate the performance of each other. Aggregate mentorship performance scores will be available as a selection criteria in due course.

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