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Productivity, AI & Govt Liaison Club

Local leaders from every sector of the UK economy, business schools, professional bodies and Government, working together to help solve the UK's productivity problem

Progressing a novel solution to the UK's productivity problem

Flat productivity is a massive problem for the UK
Flat productivity remains one of the UK's biggest economic problems. Many commentators view the resulting lack of growth in prosperity as a key influence on the Brexit vote.

Empirical research has established the existence of a strong two-way causal relationship between productivity and employee engagement. However, to date, policymakers have focused on other drivers of productivity (innovation, investment in physical capital, and education & training) with little concerted effort to encourage high performers in employee engagement to share best practice with low performers.


Introducing a novel solution to the puzzle
The Productivity, AI & Govt Liaison Club is a novel solution to the productivity puzzle. It provides a collaborative forum for local leaders from every sector of the UK economy, business schools, professional bodies, local and central Government, and the media:

• Those with hands-on experience of growing and sustaining high levels of employee engagement - typically leaders of professional services firms and employee-owned businesses – are encouraged to share tips with their peers at organisations with lower levels of employee engagement (‘Productivity’).
• All Club members will gain a better understanding of how best to deploy artificial intelligence in a way that works for their organisation (‘AI’); and also enjoy direct access to Government to share ideas and respond to consultations (‘Govt liaison’)


How you can help
The Club is employing every available channel to reach potential members. For example, professional bodies are inviting members; banks are inviting customers; and professional firm leaders are inviting peers at clients. It would be hugely appreciated if you too could encourage your local network to participate in Club activities, or to bring the Club to the attention of their leader.

The free Productivity Partnership Pledge logo allows firms with high levels of employment to demonstrate their support for the Club.



Local meetings

The inaugural Club meeting takes place in Bristol on 30 October 2018 from 16.30 to 19.30, kindly hosted by TLT, with one place per organisation for either the leader or a named representative from the leadership team.

Paul Swinney, Head of Policy and Research at ‘Centre for Cities’, will be comparing Bristol growth and productivity with similar UK cities. Paul’s presentation will be followed by group discussion over ways to boost local productivity, and then structured networking between those who seldom meet – leaders of professional firms and their peers at clients – based on the declared level of employee engagement at their organisations.

Click to view the invitation or to request a place or join the mailing list.


Central hub

The private secure collaboration hub will allow Club members to view and send private messages to each other, raise and comment on issues and consultations, catch up with sector news, and access useful content.