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'Re-tuning your Firm' show

One of the lessons from the pandemic is that professional firms need to re-tune every aspect of their strategy and operations

Getting ready for the new normal

Many organisations wait for a storm to abate. Smart firms treat adverse conditions as though they were in a Formula 1 pitstop, using the analogy first shared by Professor Scott of LBS.

They use the time to fine-tune everything – tyres, on-board systems, brake pads, chassis, fuel levels, intercom, etc and they also check out the status of the other cars and the latest weather and track conditions.

That way, they and their car are as ready as possible for the new normal. Re-join the race with an unmodified car or an unchanged driving style, and you are highly likely to be overtaken or worse.


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Each 'Re-tuning your Firm' 30 minute show at 9am on alternate Fridays involves two guests giving a five minute presentation on an aspect of management, leadership and public policy, followed by a panel session with co-hosts Richard Chaplin and Francesca Lagerberg, Global CEO of Baker Tilly InternationalRegister here

Individual presentations on either show can be searched for and watched below. They are also available on YouTube on the Re-tuning playlist.

Over 900 senior people from 400+ firms in 18 countries have registered since March 2020. This is what they are saying: 

  • Absolutely excellent

  • Thank you again for a great initiative. I keep thinking that they can’t get any better, and each week you prove me wrong! A real highlight of the pandemic.

  • Your Friday webinar stands out amidst a flood of invitations as the absolute must-see.

  • The excellent discussions have become compulsive viewing


Hear from the experts

Watch five-minute presentations by more than 150 panellists from the 'Re-tuning your Firm' shows since March 2020, the annual 'Re-tuning your Firm' Summit on 22 June 2021, the North-Shoring Summit on 16 December, the Fast-track InnovationTM conference on 17 March 2021, and the Management Excellence Awards 2021, covering every aspect of management, leadership and public policy.